Seo Help for Small Businesses






What is Seo?
How can this help my Small Business?
What are the different forms of Seo?
How much will Seo cost my business?


How does the Seo process start?

The Seo consultant must understand your business first
Competitor Research
Keyword Research
Formulating an Seo strategy that works!
How should I go about choosing keywords to use for my business?
How do I use keywords in the correct way within my content marketing work?
Small business Seo is about constantly reviewing and adapting

Content is king

What exactly is Content Marketing
What exactly is a blog
What is Guest Blogging?
What is Google’s Panda update
Why duplication is a definite “no-no”
Why you should spend your time on Content Marketing
What is the Semantic Web and Semantic Seo?
Why should I be thinking about good page structure H1, H2, H3 etc…

Back Links

What exactly are back links for Seo?
What are good quality links for Seo purposes?
What is out reaching?
Why should I avoid poor quality links?
What is Google’s Penguin update
How many back links do I need exactly?
Should I concentrate my Seo campaign just on building links?
How do I go about checking my bank link profile
What is the Google’s Disavow tool?

What is Link Bait

Seo methods for Small Businesses

What is good website structure for Seo purposes actually mean?

What is Google’s Hummingbird update all about?

Why does good quality web design really matter?

How does good quality Seo content fit into an Seo strategy
Why the Google Panda and Hummingbird updates mean being unique is important to your business!

What is Social Media and how does it fit into Seo strategies?

What is the social media?
Why putting across your businesses personality is important for Seo and your Social Media campaign
Think of an Seo content persona, before you start work on Social Media and Content Marketing
Use Social Media to communicate your companies values and purpose

How to make your website “sticky” for Seo purposes

Understand your customers through SEO Keyword Research

Create content that converts

How high quality Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation campaigns need not be expensive!

Why good structure and web design is so important

Why web navigation is so important

Seo Tools

Why using Google Webmaster Tools for Seo is so important
Why using Google Analytics is important
The importance of the Google Disavow Tool

Majestic Seo

Local Seo and its importance for Small Businesses

How to improve your local search presence
What exactly are Citations?
Why cleaning up your business Citations are so important!
What is the Google Pigeon update all about?

What is Google’s RankBrain?