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Number one

The content writers that suffer from obsessive repetition issues!

In yesteryear some online marketers believed that it was essential to cram in as many related keywords as possible in order to rank higher within the search engine results.

So for example if the company they were trying to promote was a “construction company” for example, they would cram in as many words as they could relating to construction in order to improve visibility.

Thankfully keyword stuffing and cramming in as many related key terms as you could is an outdated practice for sure! This now falls into the realms of “Black Hat” search engine optimisation.

Number two

The thought process that “more is better” when it comes to earning back links! No no no!

Again another outdated process is the thought that earning back links just for the sake of increasing the number you already have is a good thing! No matter where they come from or the quality they pass as “link juice!”

It used to be a common misconception that the more back links you can get too your website the better regardless of where they come from.

Due to advancements in Google’s algorithm, namely the Penguin updates, this attitude to earning back links is now a thing of the past. (You must now look for quality, authoritative and relevant back-links).

It is all about earning quality back links and the quality of these links is much more important than the quantity you have pointing to your website.

Some novices are still attracted by the prospect of buying “10,000 back links” when the offer appears in their inbox!

We would advise you strongly that the only back links that you want today are the ones which are earned from quality and reputable sites. These links are hard earned but worth it as low quality links can now damage your ranking position and sometimes cause you to start the disavow process through Google’s Web Master tools. (Not a process you want to do as this is time consuming and normally means you have already spotted a dip in your own rankings, which is never good for business!).

Number three

Spun content or duplication issues

We are all strapped for time but “spun content” or “duplicating” is another process of search engine optimisation and digital marketing which has been shunned into the Black Hat category and rightly so we think!

When creating content for your website you should create carefully crafted literature that is unique and holds intrinsic value.

You should not duplicate your content across multiple pages or across the web in general.

Duplication and poor quality on site content is now monitored through the algorithm updates named Panda for Google’s search engine results.

To avoid Panda’s penalties you should only create quality unique content that is made specifically to be shown in only one location. There is the possibility of sharing such content on the web but you either need to think about making sure that it “no-followed or not indexed”.

Number four


At number four we rate “cloaking” as a misdemeanour when it comes to search engine optimisation best practice!

Cloaking is the process of hiding your written content through making the text the same colour as the background therefore making it look invisible.

This is again another old school tactic of yesteryear carried out by Black Hat marketers.

This process often went hand-in-hand with “keyword stuffing” so that they could cram a load of keywords on a page without distracting the visitor through the sheer amount of keywords that were being stuffed on site.

We therefore advise you definitely not to partake in the practice of cloaking or disguising your text through “smoke and mirrors” from your website. It is much more practical in today’s age of digital marketing to showcase your content through creating carefully crafted literature that persuade’s your target audience into a conversion on your website.


Number five

Calls to action… or rather lack of calls to action!

At number five we are going to rate call’s to action as our mistake that the less acquainted make when carrying out SEO campaigns in Cardiff and further afield.

Many websites are designed today to look pretty attractive to the eye. Sometimes it is an afterthought to ensure that your website functions to create money for your business!

By this sweeping statement we mean that websites may look attractive but we must also consider strongly “calls to action” placed on site.

By this we mean we often advise our clients within Cardiff and Bristol to ensure that their website integrates more calls to action through displaying the phone number, sign up buttons to a newsletter or simply sending a contact form message and making the process for the user to use the website more easily.

Nothing is more frustrating than when you want to contact a company but the websites design makes it hard to find where to send information too.

We always look at our new clients websites when they are presented to us in Cardiff from a usability stance then we start looking and we start looking at technical seo later on.

Usability sounds basic and it is, but you would be surprised by how many websites have gone for looks over substance in terms of how they should be working for your business online and not against it.

Calls to action should therefore be screaming in the face of your visitors on your website making it easier for visitors to interact with your website.

If your’e potential visitors have to go searching through your website to find contact information for example then we believe this is unacceptable. We believe calls to action should be the main focus of any website and then the design built around this aspect.

Number six

At number six we believe the major flaw in many digital marketing campaigns is that the marketers blog about “a load of rubbish”.

By this rather blunt statement we mean that some digital marketing companies advise their clients to keep blogging and writing just for the sake of it!

Often this content then falls outside of the natural fit of their business or organisation!

We therefore only advise our clients to blog about industry related subject matter’s that fall within their business area and that will be relevant for search engine optimisation purposes.

We believe that some businesses are ill-advised to write about anything within the current political or news arena, we believe this will have little search engine optimisation Seo value if not related to the business that they are writing for! We believe if possible if your business mainly operates in a niche area such as Cardiff to start producing content around where your business operates.

Number seven

Number seven we think a major bug-bear from a useability stance is 404 page errors.

404 page errors are when a link points to your website that is no longer active or that is no longer working as desired (Broken links). We believe webmasters who do not pick up on 404 errors could be potentially risking their place within the search engine results (Ranking positions).

If you fix broken links through 404 errors by either redirecting or placing the new link addresses where they are supposed to be you will be improving the user experience and therefore improving the way that the search engines index its content thus making you more likely to rank better within the search engine results.

Number eight

At number eight we are going to talk about companies picking either wrong templates or choosing poor quality website design.

Many companies or small businesses choose a websites design based on aesthetics or what they believe looks good at first glance.

We believe instead for search engine optimisation purposes you should assess the website from a “usability” and “adaptability” stance for your business.

We know from experience that by picking a poor website design makes it hard to alter the layouts and to implement changes later on which may be desired later on too add content for example.

It may make it difficult as well to enhance the website through more detailed navigation and the implementation of this later on.

Some templates may not be able to handle the amount of links and advanced navigation that you may wish to add retrospectively onto your website. We therefore believe it is important to discuss with your web design company in Cardiff what you want the site to do now but also in the future so that you do not out grow your website format.

Number nine

This leads us nicely onto an area where we believe some search engine optimisation consultants fall down and that is promoting the use of poor navigation and website structures. We believe poor navigation especially in the age of mobile search is not acceptable. We have already explained that poor website or templates can let a business down online in Cardiff through poor user experience we also think it is worth separating this problem from navigation as a completely separate issue.

Please consider that as mobile search in the UK is growing navigation and useability of this is a very big deal. Also you must now consider how mobile friendly your site actually is.

We believe that poor navigation will increase your “bounce rate” to your website meaning that users will leave your website through frustration and getting annoyed by the fact that they cannot find what they want through your website.

We would therefore advise that your website implements quality navigation and that is clear and concise to follow allowing users to quickly navigate to where they want to on-screen.

This will increase the amount of time that your visitors will spend on your site and also make it easier for them to convert and make a purchase.

Number 10

Social media is sometimes viewed as the all encompassing way of promoting your website and web presence.

We believe that if a carefully thought out strategy is not used from the outset then your presence on social media could be a big flop!

We believe in our personal opinion there is only a niche sector of the businesses that will benefit from proactive use through social media platforms.

We believe that even then you must carefully consider your steps of how you are going to address your target audience right from the outset.

Amateur search engine optimisation consultants may take the approach of just slinging any old comment on the social platforms for you.

We believe that this approach will fall on deaf ears and will waste your marketing spend.

For more advice on effective marketing strategies and how to get your SEO campaign in Cardiff on the right track contact us today.

 Ryan Walsh

Ryan Walsh