Google’s Fred update- another strike at low quality websites?



It’s been widely reported that a new update released by Google has further demoted many low quality websites. This update has been named the “Google Fred update” and we will explain how it has decreased many websites organic traffic that have been affected.


What kind of websites got impacted by this new update?


This new update massively impacted certain websites organic traffic, some sites reporting a 90% loss since the update sprang into action.

The sites that have been impacted are reported to be low quality content sites, so yes you guessed correctly, the sort of sites that don’t have the user in mind.

What we mean by this is often people visit a website with a clear objective, that’s normally to purchase something, or to find out information. So let’s give a rather simplistic example, say somebody was searching for how to change a light bulb on a certain type of car for example.

Now this person searching Google for such information most probably what’s a clear and to the point article explaining how to install their car light bulb easily. They don’t want to be bombarded with advertising or directed to somewhere which advertises another product or service.

So if the article or website they land on doesn’t answer the question, and instead bombards the user with a product or service, well this doesn’t generate a fantastic user experience, it’s more likely to annoy the user. It’s this type of website that Google hates, instead the search giant will want to promote high quality and relevant sites instead.


Is this the first update by Google to target low quality sites in this way?


For some website owners impacted by the Fred update they may well be wondering if penalising low quality websites is a new phenomenon.

The fact of the matter is that most seo agencies will tell you that Google has been penalising low quality websites for a long time now- in fact it’s become somewhat of the norm.

Google, and most other search engines for that matter, want to offer search engine results that are high in quality. That’s to say they will want the user to go away finding the best quality websites, the sites that really answer the question that they have to hand.

Google has released a ton of updates in recent years that target low quality sites, take for example the Google Hummingbird updates and Panda updates.

The Hummingbird updates are important to keep in mind because they were an update that increased the relevancy and accuracy of the search results. It also put a much greater emphasis on changing the SERP’s so that the user was more likely to be happy with the information, this therefore meant that many digital marketing agencies started to shift away from conventional seo, and more into offering high quality information that really added value to the users of the information, therefore seo played a secondary role to offering first class information. Add machine learning into the mix and the only sites that really enter the first page now are ones that offer great information or service.

Gone were the days of just placing keywords within 400 words of text therefore!


What kinds of websites did Fred impact the most?


Google’s Fred updates were said to most impact websites where it was difficult to differentiate from the content and the ads, also websites that were built for revenue generation purposes using certain low quality methods were also said to be impacted the most. So if a website was low in quality and looking to make a revenue from this information, then this was the type of website that got affected the most.

It’s important to remember that every website is unique (Unless the work is duplicated of course), this means that if you believe your website has been impacted you should consultant with a quality focused agency as soon as you can to diagnose the extent of the problem.

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