Back links are a link from other websites that have chosen to link to your website or its content.

These are considered one of the most important aspects of Search Engine Optimisation.

Back links from high quality and authoritative websites can pass what is known in Seo as “Link juice” to your website.

This link juice passes link equity and authority through to your website which is a form of trust from other websites to your website.

Enough of this trust and form of linking sends a clear signal to the search engines that you’re a website which is an authority within your industry.

With that said the links pointing to your website must be of high quality and from domains that are authoritative and can be trusted.

What are Back Links and why are they important to my business?

Back Links are very important they can determine the ranking position for your website or individual pages.

Perhaps you become well-known in an area for providing an excellent service and because of this local news sites and other domains choose to link to your business, for example.

The amount of high quality links that pass through to a particular page can mean that page ranks high for key terms in that area, because of the link equity that gets past through to the website.

How should I go about earning Back Links?

Earning back links can only really be carried out by somebody with expertise and knowledge of how to earn high quality back links.

This is because low quality links can be discovered through major search engine algorithms such as Google’s Penguin update.

This algorithm update looks for low quality links and actively penalises these websites which are using low quality back links to manipulate the search engine ranking positions.

You should therefore only appoint a company or individual to build back links who know what they are doing, or otherwise this could potentially damage your website and its ranking positions.

What Back Links are considered good and which ones are considered bad?

Good quality back links normally come from high quality and authoritative websites.

The websites who point links to your website know the content they have linked to will interest their own audience or target market, and this is why they have chosen to link to it. A good quality back-link is like a thumbs up, to signal they approve of your work.

These are normally back links which have been created through editorial review and they have decided that your work would interest their own audience.

These websites of high authority are normally well-known within that industry sector, that is they are mostly instantly recognized as being an authority within their sector.

If you are unsure about which Back Links are high quality and which ones are low in quality you should appoint the services of an Seo consultant or an Seo agency to advise you further.

Low quality links are normally from websites which do not have an editorial standard and publish work from all forms of sources, even worse they take money for publishing work. You should really stay away from websites, which take money for publishing your work, as its deemed bad practice, you should instead earn back-links.

Content farms, or low quality websites normally do not have a niche in any particular subject area and are willing to publish work for money.

Low quality links are normally formed from websites which have been created purely for Seo value and create links to other websites. So 9 times out 10, if it very easy to get a back link from a site, it is normally because it is low quality. You should instead look to industry authority websites, and try and get your work published their, its much better to get a few high powered back links, than a bunch of low quality links.

The work often shown on low quality sites offers little value to their target audience normally and is unlikely to have a wide readership from a loyal customer base.

These content farms, are purely in existence for Seo value normally or hold a low user experience and these are the websites you need to avoid.

What strategies should I be using to earn back links for my business?

You should only build back links if you understand what you are doing, this is because poor quality back links can damage your website, and can be very costly to clean up afterwards if mistakes have been made. Read here about how to undertake a link detox, you can begin to understand, that it can be hard work to remove low quality links. Link Detox

This is because an Seo company or consultant is likely to charge you by the hour for cleaning up your back link profile, so you should avoid where possible accumulating low quality links.

You should therefore only link to businesses that you trust and their websites that you know only offer a high quality user experience or information.

Normally as previously mentioned these websites are well recognised because they offer excellent information to their readers.

If you are confident about what you are doing you can participate in outreaching efforts to such websites.

Through such effort you can persuade high quality websites that you have articles that may interest them.

Because of your industry knowledge and insight you can write articles for these websites that they may publish.

If they are published do insist on receiving a “do follow link” rather than a “no follow link” as you will want to get link equity to increase your websites authority through link juice passing through.

If you are unsure about the quality of the website you are linking to, it is very important to get expert advice first.