Content Marketing is writing copy (Written text) for your website this can go on-site to promote a product or service and either written directly selling or in-directly selling the product or service range.

There is also the possibility of writing off-site content in the form of “guest articles” to be hosted on other domains in order to achieve back-links pointing back to your website.

Yes but…What exactly is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is writing persuasive written sections or informative articles for your website.

This can take the form of written sections written on pages of your website, or the blog or news sections for example.

This SEO content will be written in such a way that it will have seo keywords that are related to your industry sector written within the content.

You should write in a natural way which informs your target audience about events or news that relates to your industry sector or company.

It is important to note that content marketing should be written naturally and not written in a way which is “keyword stuffed”.

If your content marketing efforts are “keyword stuffed” then this could attract the attention of the Google algorithm penalty, which has been named the Panda updates.

Content marketing is therefore writing original and high quality content for your website, in order to inform or persuade your target audience to take action in some way.

How should a Small Business go about carrying out Content Marketing?

You should carry out content marketing in a way which informs your target audience about a subject area in a way which offers a good user experience.

Google released a number of updates called Google’s Hummingbird updates. The Google Hummingbird updates were to increase the quality of the search engine results, to better maximise search queries with more accurate search results.

As a result you should tailor your content in a way which interests your target audience, and has not just been designed for the search engines benefit.

You should therefore create original high-quality content, which offers a good user experience and is more likely to inform your target audience about a subject area than just creating content for Seo purposes.

How do I go about creating a “high quality user experience” and “high-quality content marketing”?

You should write content which is unique and holds a good user experience.

Although offering a good user experience is quite a vague description of what you should do, but you should be writing original content, that is written in an interesting and engaging way for your users.

You should write content which holds a good user experience, by using varying forms of communication for your target audience.

You could therefore write high-quality persuasive copy, YouTube videos or you could design info-graphics for example.

What is important is that what you offer is unique and valuable and answers your users queries.

How do I know what elements to write about in my Content Marketing work?

You should write about areas that are related to your industry sector, but they can also be indirectly related.

For example you could write about current news or industry changes and how they impact directly to your business.

You should write this content in a way which is aimed at your target audience, which will inform them of changes which directly relates to your company.

The content should be unique and not just retelling the story of a current news area for example.

You should write something valuable of worth that will inform your target audience.

The content marketing work should give away information that your users are searching for answers for.

It may be counter intuitive for a builder to start publishing “DIY tips” for example on his webpage, but if he builds enough authority in back links for this content, then he may start ranking very highly for building related search terms such as builders in a certain area, for example.

Therefore he has directly benefited from giving away this information for free, so it could be argued that giving away such high quality, useful information was in the companies benefit, after all.

What is important is that you write high-quality work, and it does not succumb to methods which could be viewed as low quality.

Google’s Panda update will look at your content marketing work to assess if it is in breach of the search engines guidelines or not.

For example you should stay away from duplicated content, cloaking or doorway pages for example, and instead make sure that your work offers a good user experience.

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