Search engine optimisation comes in two main forms, that’s onsite seo, and offsite. Within this article we are going to explain what the main areas on onsite are, and how they can be used to help your business.

What is onsite seo?

Onsite seo is the process of optimising many areas of a website, such as the websites:

  • Meta descriptions
  • Alt tags
  • Title tags
  • Making sure the website loads quickly
  • Keyword optimisation
  • Content marketing
  • Adding blog posts
  • Optimising urls
  • Making sure the websites NAP information is correct
  • Making sure there’s no duplicated content marketing

What is content marketing?

Content marketing can be articles written for your website, or the wording of main pages. Often many seo agencies change the wording so that a website can become more optimised for certain phrases that are important to the business.

What are alt tags?

Alt tags are the descriptions that are added to pictures on your website, for example if you were to run a Cardiff seo company, and the picture displays your team, you may want to name the picture seo-team-Cardiff.jpg for example.

What are title tags?

Title tags are the title that’s assigned to each website page or blog post. You can also optimise each page or blog post further, that’s by adding a header title, these can be numbered from H1, through to H6.

Why is a website layout so important?

Sometimes an agency jumps straight into optimising a website with blog posts, that sometimes they forget to make sure that the website has been designed properly first.

It’s a good idea to get a separate page for each distinct service, or product that your business offers.

For example, you may run a solicitors practice, but its important to split out all the different business services that your company offers, so that have one page for employment law and another for business law for example.

Why should my business be regularly adding blog posts?

All seo agencies should be looking to add high-quality blog posts, the main purpose is to add relevancy to your website. There’s another reason for adding blog posts as well, that’s to make sure that Google is indexing new work, this signifies to Google that there is seo activity and this can help your rankings.

The purpose is to make your website more relevant for certain phrases, this can be achieved by answering your customers most frequent questions. 

What is Google’s algorithm?

Google has a complex algorithm, this algorithm regularly changes, so make sure you employ an agency that keeps on top of changes to white hat seo methods.

 How can your SEO company help our Cardiff business?

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