Seo is the process of increasing your websites visibility across a number of chosen keywords, that are suited to your business type and describe it in some way.

The name of the game is to understand what people are most commonly searching into the major search engines, and make sure your website is most visible for these key terms as possible.

Yes okay…..but what exactly is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of researching keywords for an industry type and optimising your website so that they appear higher within the search results in terms of there ranking order.(So keyword research feeding content marketing, and link building mostly!)

Through a process of carrying out Content Marketing, Link Building activities and being active on the Social Web, you can start to increase your visibility for chosen keywords.


This can take the form of Local Search Engine Optimisation or increasing your visibility on a national or even global scale!

Why do I need Seo?

Nearly all businesses that rely on a web presence will require Seo in some form or another.

This is because if you rely on your website to bring you in business, then it is likely that some of your competition may have already invested in the SEO process.

They will want to push you down the rankings, and make their business more visible in the process.

By the competition investing in Seo, they are increasing their websites visibility higher up in the search engine rankings.

This makes them more likely to be contacted or for people to purchase from their website, because it appears higher in the search engine results.

Some people call the search engine ranking positions as the “Pecking order”, this really does describe the process well, one day you can be at the top, yet another you can get pushed on to the second page.

It really does depend therefore on how much your competition are putting into the process. Though do not despair, this need not cost the earth for small business, take a look at our price list.

Over time your competition will be able to strengthen their online presences further as they invest in search engine optimisation for longer periods, this will separate the gap further online from their direct competitors.

Is Seo expensive?

Seo need not be expensive, it is often within the reach of even small businesses. We have a range of low cost Seo packages available.

Depending on how competitive your industry is in terms of its keywords and your competitors online presence, will determine the amount of investment needed in order to increase your company’s visibility in a competitive or non-competitive industry.

Is Seo constantly evolving?

Seo is constantly evolving and changing, this is due to algorithm changes by the major search engines as they update how their websites react to search queries.

The search engines update their search algorithms to increase their quality of their search results and to also to fight what is called “Spam”.

So we have seen in SEO, Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and Pigeon updates all affecting the search engine results, and that is just the start!

So yes SEO can keep you on your toes most certainly, as a approach that works now, may not work next month or tomorrow, so yes you have to be on top of your game!

Spam or Black Hat practices, as they are sometimes referred to, is the practice of manipulating the search engine results, this is in order to artificially increase a websites ranking positions.

In basic terms, this is a way of cheating, Black Hat companies will look to get their website higher, they may not care that a penalty will put them back down the rankings, they may just be looking for a short term gain from ranking high.

We never, ever promote such methods as they just don’t look good on your business, one day your their next day your not, we prefer more sustainable and ethical forms of SEO.

Do you need an expert to carry out Seo?

You do not need an expert to carry out Seo, but you do need to have a competent person that understands the basics and the implications of the Seo work that they are carrying out.

That is if a person appointed to carry out Seo work carries the work out blindly, you could be unwittingly entering into a search engine penalty later on down the line.

So those with little idea about seo we would advise not letting them near your website.

If someone instead understands the algorithm changes, and the basics of SEO, and keeps on top of industry changes, then you should be okay, yet in doubt always contact an expert seo company for advice. We can offer SEO advice from our location in Cardiff 

The major search engines such as Google actively employs major algorithms, which look for Black Hat practices as earlier mentioned.

That is somebody could believe that they are acting in the websites best interests, but are unwittingly optimising their website in a way that the search engines deem as a Black Hat or in a poor quality way. This could penalise the website later on.

For further advice on what Black Hat and White Hat SEO is click here

Poor quality techniques could be deemed as duplicating content across pages, cloaking, or building low quality links to pages or on the site as a whole.

If I can’t carry out Seo what types of SEO companies should I be looking to appoint?

Price isn’t necessarily the determining factor when choosing an Seo company.

We carry out low cost Seo from our location within Cardiff, yet our Seo campaigns are high in quality and low on price.

You should be looking for an Seo company that understands the major algorithm changes over recent years, and has an up-to-date knowledge of Seo best practices.

If you are unsure about how to understand if their knowledge is up-to-date try questioning them on a few areas of Seo, that you have learned from a major Seo resource such as Search Engine Land.

You should also get an understanding of what exactly you will be getting for your money.

Seo packages are all fine and good, as long as you understand what exactly you are getting within that Seo package.

For example you should understand how much content marketing, link building and social media activity in terms of time and work, you will be getting for a set fee.
For further information, or further reading about what Search Engine Optimisation is about, we recommend this link: Learn about Seo.

We also recommend Search Engine Land, if you want to learn about the latest news and occurrences within Search Engine Optimisation industry: What exactly is Seo?