When a company decides it requires seo services, it’s quite normal for that company to then compare agencies based on price alone. Yet, we have to ask is this the best method of finding the right digital marketing agency?

Choosing the right marketing business can sure be difficult for any company, that’s because all agencies will offer different seo work for different prices.

When all the different agencies offering different work items, offered at different prices, how do you pick the right agency?

This article explains some factors that you may wish to consider, that’s when choosing a new digital marketing agency.

Cheap seo is a false economy!

Cheap seo could be considered to be anything that’s offered below the £100.00 mark per month, that’s because even if your company has low competition, that’s because there’s not a great deal of work that be offered by any agency for such a low fee.

This means that after you deduct the time taken discussing the seo project with the client, how much time can be left actually optimising the businesses website?

Must contain the time intensive tasks

So many agencies now offer packages below the £500.00 mark- and some of these packages may contain very good quality white hat work.

However, on the other hand, so many agencies now automate a lot of thier work as well, and use social media accounts to send out automated tweets, or worse automate the link building for example.

“For your marketing strategy to be effective, it will need to have time intensive tasks applied to the website, this means your marketing budget needs to be spent on items such as content marketing and link building- and this most definitely shouldn’t be automated”.

Why the most expensive is not necessarily the best  

Some agencies may state they are the best, they may charge high rates in order to receive their services, however, the talent inside the agency must be tested.

This means that if the consultant within the agency has just made a career move into online marketing, and is relatively new to the seo profession, in reality will they be any good?

Also, you may find that your competitors are using an agency with highly experienced consultants, which may mean that they are implementing quality seo, which could be much more effective than the company that you have chosen.

What this means is sometimes even though a company chooses the agency which states they are the best, you must ask yourself have I really got the best consultant?