Will machine learning change how agencies carry out content marketing?

Machine learning is now the new buzz word within most digital marketing agencies, and this is with good reason, that’s because machine learning is shaking up how content marketing is carried out.

Google has always preferred quality content marketing, however judging if content marketing is actually good quality or not we believe has got a lot more complex.

Here are some of the ways machine learning is changing how agencies are carrying out content marketing:

Understanding natural language

Google has taken huge strides in terms of better understanding natural language, this means the search giant can better understand user intent.

Understanding user intent means Google recognises the type of information you want and how to best display it.

This is why more and more Google Knowledge Panels and answers are being displayed directly within the search engine results. An example if you search “what’s the weather going to be like” , Google will understand you probably mean today and you probably want the information based on where you are at that moment in time.

Computing and understanding natural language sure is complex, Google traditionally used complex mathematical algorithms to work out high quality pages and match these pages to search strings containing relevant search terms.

Google now however is operating in way not totally dissimilar to a human, it has a much bettering understanding of objects, events, and people and it better understands the way in which a question is being asked. The answers are therefore more detailed and bespoke in order to answer the question.

It all comes down to a better understanding of entities.

Hummingbird and Rankbrain

Here’s the complex stuff, Google better understands searchers intent because of Hummingbird, but Rankbrain is now the organiser of information.

If 1 million people search for “best car of 2016” and the majority read one review site in particular, then Google will pick up on this. This is how we feel RankBrain is changing search, its understanding user satisfaction and interaction with the search results, it now helps organise information. Other ranking signals are being used, however RankBrain is well up there in terms of importance.

This information is supplied by Chrome, it’s also supplied by a users interaction within the search results we believe.

How does this change content marketing?

Some agencies once treated Google’s algorithm as if it was rather stupid, however this will only be to their own detriment if poor quality strategies are implemented.

Once agencies thought keywords had to be sown into content marketing and that the content could be about anything as long as the right words were placed somewhere onsite.

However things have changed, Google wants intricate well thought out content marketing that describes entities and offers the answers people want.

Entities interconnect with other entities, so Google will know how accurate and well factual a piece of work actually is. It can cross check information with its knowledge vault of information held on entities.

Google will also monitor how real users use the content, for example are they staying on the page for long?

Google’s clever, however RankBrain is the true architect of information now and the organiser of how information is presented.

Sloppy content marketing no longer cuts it- it hasn’t for some time, that’s why some websites which once occupied high rankings, and took them positions for granted sometimes, have been duly demoted for sites that are all together better engineered and laced with the accurate data and information needed in order to be relevant.

Information architecture is getting much more precise, its getting more relevant, is your agency up to the job?

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