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Sometimes various types of advertising and marketing are often used to promote a product or a service when customer might not want to purchase at that very moment.

One of the reasons why SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is such a powerful marketing tool is because customers are actively looking to find a business which can supply at item of service. Therefore you are not running after customers, they are looking for a company like yours.

Your business can therefore be placed on the first page of Google with our help, so that you are perfectly placed for a customer to select your company, and for your business to put across why they should purchase directly from your company.

When people want to make a purchase, whether because they need a solicitor, perhaps a dentist or a builder, they often turn to Google. Whether that be via a voice search, typing the query or perhaps using an A.I chatbot.

And here’s the thing: if your business is not on the first page of Google, well you are missing out on many sales, and your competitors are growing because they have this competitive advantage over your business.

What’s important to understand is that putting the business on the first page of Google requires a considerable amount of hard work, patience and often many consecutive months of work.


SEO experts Cardiff

Many components must come together for a business search engine optimisation to be a roaring success.
Backlinks often need to be built, content marketing needs to be written, technical SEO needs to be fixed, and the on-site SEO needs to be high quality; and this is where we can help.

Our friendly team will partner with your business and work closely to improve your business’s search engine optimisation. We are often not the cheapest SEO agency; however, for search engine optimisation to be effective, the work must be high quality, which involves a lot of work and skill. Businesses that look for short-term gains and take shortcuts often incur a massive penalty; these are imposed by the search engines themselves such as Google therefore, the business’s SEO, if implemented incorrectly can substantially damage rankings over the long term.


Quality SEO Services

Google’s algorithm is massively complicated; any SEO blog posts that aim to oversimplify how search engine optimisation process works, is not being clear with how complex Google’s algorithms are. The algorithms used are now massively advanced at detecting spam or low quality content marketing and now also incorporates AI, such as RankBrain to see how engaged or disengaged shoppers are with the website.
SEO is therefore a process involving a lot of patience and hard work. Sometimes, the customer will want to push forward and see fast results through their organic search engine optimisation in a very short timescale, however, this is sometimes not possible.
Still, a good marketing agency will often say when something is not feasible.


How does your SEO process work? How do you offer your SEO services to your clients

Stage 1:

Will we work well together?

Any marketing agency which grabs any work that comes their way are setting themselves up to fail.
Instead, the marketing company should meet the company’s directors, sit down with the marketing staff, and see if the SEO agency is a good fit for that company before any contracts are signed.
For example can the marketing agency offer an understanding of the products and services that the company offers?

Stage 2: Keyword Research

Keyword Research

We use a range of SEO tools, to start to analyse which keywords we should be optimising and how difficult this task will be.

Marketing Proposal

Then, it is simply a matter of drafting a marketing proposal and coming up with ideas to close the gap between where the website is ranked on Google, and how we plan to get the company website onto the first page of Google.co.uk

Stage 3: Implementation
Now comes the time where we need to roll up our sleeves and start to implement the search engine optimisation work. This could involve writing content marketing, building backlinks and improving the on-site SEO.

Partner with us
We are incredibly proud that we have many well-known solicitors and other businesses within Cardiff that we work for. We have active paying clients that have partnered with us for over 8 years.

We believe this therefore stands testimony to delivering quality work and our ability to partner with businesses here in Wales. We work closely with these businesses, not just to offer search engine optimisation but to work with them strategically to ensure that they start to grow different revenue streams for their business.

We, therefore, work with many well-known and prominent businesses within the area of Cardiff.
Our agency only uses the very best search engine optimisation methods. We also know to take an extremely diligent approach to our work, offering high-quality SEO services at a competitive prices.

We have helped many businesses within the area substantially grow their revenue, and we are proud to work with well-known solicitors, dentists and online retailers based here in South Wales.

Our level of knowledge is second to none

Every year, a new agency will crop up out of nowhere, spending a lot of time and money marketing and promoting their business within Wales.

However, we believe the proof is in the pudding because we have been operating now for over ten years; we were for some well-known companies in Cardiff and built very close business relationships with well-known companies in the area.

Our clients like it because we take an honest approach, we are completely transparent, and our level of SEO knowledge is second to none.