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Welcome to Ryan C Walsh Online Marketing

We are an established SEO company, we have over 10 years experience

We work with a broad range of different businesses here in Cardiff

Our business specialises in offering organic and also local SEO


Why choose our SEO agency?

Ryan C Walsh and his team have a strong reputation for offering high quality white hat SEO.

We only work with businesses that understand that organic SEO is a long-term process, which requires many hours every month in order to improve a businesses local or organic SEO.

We do not therefore work with businesses that are looking for short-term ways of improving their SEO, as often this will result in a penalty and being removed from Google


Who is Ryan C Walsh?

Ryan C Walsh has been managing SEO accounts in Cardiff now for over 10 years

We have many long-term customers that value our commitment to only offering the best quality work

We are selective of who we work for, we only work with businesses and understand that organic SEO requires a long-term investment


How much does organic and local SEO cost?

This does depend solely on how strong your competitors are. Costs can range from £300.00 to £2500.00 per month.

For example, if your main competitors have been investing for the last couple of years in SEO, then your business will need to catch up with the standard that your company’s competitors have set, this will require a lot of time to catch-up.


Why is organic SEO a slow process?

It all boils down to how strong your competitors “ranking factors” are.

There are over 200+ SEO ranking factors which the algorithm takes into account in order to work out where the business should be placed on Google.

If you competitors have been strengthening their ranking factors for many consecutive years, then often your business will have a lot of catching up to do.

The monthly fee would therefore need to reflect this amount of work.


Which businesses do you work with in the Cardiff area?

We work with a range different businesses within the Cardiff area ranging from large solicitors through to construction firms.

We only work with businesses that are committed to investing 6 months at a time into SEO.

We also set a time budget of how much time we can spend with that client per month for a monthly fee

If you would like to work with us why not give us a call today?




    What does the term “white hat SEO” mean?


    White hat SEO simply means that the SEO agency is implementing quality SEO and using SEO methods that Google will approve of.

    However, some SEO agencies will state they are using white hat methods when they are not. This means you have to choose your SEO company carefully.


    Will you work with businesses that have received an SEO penalty?

    We currently do not work with businesses that have received an SEO penalty.

    The reason for this is because it will often take a very long period of time for that website to recover from an algorithmic penalty such as a Google Penguin penalty.


    What information do you need in order to offer us a quote?

    All we need to know is your websites address and what your objectives are.

    By objectives we mean which areas of the business are you looking to improve?


    Do you offer a range of different prices?

    Our fee is calculated based on how many days are required each month.

    If your business operates in a highly competitive business sector, then this often this means that multiple days will be required each month.


    What does “Local SEO” mean?

    Local SEO is the process of improving where a business ranks on Google within a city or town. It’s also possible to get a business to appear within multiple cities.

    Local SEO is the process of strengthening a business’s SEO signals, often this is completed by hiring an SEO company. This is with the aim of getting the business to rank within the Google My Business results, as well as the organic business results as well.

    Below are some of the areas that an SEO company may work on in order to help improve a businesses SEO:


    Link building

    High-quality backlinks should be built, these should be quality backlinks that send “link-juice” sometimes also referred to as “link equity” to the home page or other pages on the website.

    The backlinks must be high-quality but also relevant to the business, so for example, there’s not much point in a web design agency obtaining backlinks from their local golf club as the links are not relevant to the business.

      All of the backlinks should be quality, if the links are not quality, the business could incur a link penalty.


    On-site SEO

    Meta titles, meta descriptions, alt tags, content marketing, site speed, Schema, title tags, internal links, anchor text and CTA are just some of the areas your SEO company should be optimising.

    All of this work must follow white hat guidelines.


    Off-site SEO

    Your digital marketing agency shouldn’t just concentrate on improving your businesses onsite SEO.

    The reason for this is as most digital marketing agencies will inform you that your marketing agency should also be working on improving your businesses offsite SEO.

    This means that the marketing agency should work on building citations, building quality backlinks, making sure your businesses NAP details are all consistent. Improving your businesses social media presence as well.


    Business reviews (Google My Business)

    A great way of improving your businesses SEO, but also to improve trust is to have a lot of genuine business reviews.

    We always recommend to our clients that it can help to improve the businesses SEO if the reviews are added to the businesses Google My Business account.

    However, its worth mentioning again, that its also important that the business reviews are genuine.

    Fake business reviews will be spotted by Google’s algorithm and could result in your business being removed from the Google My Business results.



    Your digital marketing agency should implement Schema.

    Schema is a structured language, which means that if for example you mark-up your businesses NAP details, such as your businesses name, address and phone number (NAP), then it will be easier for Google’s algorithm to know what your businesses NAP details are.


    Content marketing

    Your business should invest in high-quality content marketing. If your digital marketing agency should create quality content marketing then this can sometimes help your business to obtain more backlinks.

    For example, let’s say you run a web design business here within Cardiff, and you publish many high-quality blog posts each and every month.

    Well, if the advice is good quality then Google’s algorithm will often reward a business with ranking the business higher. Plus, other businesses may also link to the work, meaning that your business may obtain quality backlinks.


    Google RankBrain

    Many leading SEO consultants believe that if you create a good quality website, and use white hat SEO then this will be noticed by RankBrain.

    RankBrain is believed to observe bounce rates and time spent on your website.

    Therefore if Google’s algorithm spots that your company website is retaining your customers interest for longer than a competitors, then this can help to improve your company’s SEO.


    Web Design

    It really doesn’t matter if your website is designed in WordPress or you have spent a small fortune on a bespoke website, what is important is that the websites design helps to improve your businesses SEO.

    So, for example your website should be responsive so that it can work on a mobile phone or tablet.

    Your website should be quick to load, your website should also have text that GoogleBot can read.


    Google’s Algorithm    

    So, once a digital marketing agency has your business ranked at the top of Google, that’s it, job done right?

    Well, no not really.

    The reason is even when you’re at the top of Google’s organic results your business is not guaranteed to stay there for any length of time. This means that if your business wants to stay on the first page, then often you will still need your SEO agency to deliver quality SEO work.


    What does technical SEO mean?

    You may have heard of this term “technical SEO” and become quite confused, yet technical SEO is just another list of things that your SEO company should consider.

    For example, here’s some of the areas that your marketing company should look to optimise.


    Site speed

    Most digital marketing agencies now believe that this is becoming more and more important, that is how fast is your company’s website.

    Does it take so long to load that its likely to increase your businesses bounce rate? Or, is it alternatively so fast because you have paid a website designer and website developer to implement AMP?



    AMP means accelerated mobile pages, so it means that the web page removes a lot of the coding that slows the loading process.

    So for example, let’s say you run a marketing business for a second, and you’ve paid for an introductory video to load automatically on smartphones and desktops as soon as the website loads.

    Then it shows you the director of the business walking around your offices talking to your staff, that’s a great idea right?

    Well, it may well be from a marketing perspective as it gives a sense of what your business is like, the offices you work in and whether you’re a large or small business.

    But from an SEO perspective, well it may just serve to slow your whole website down, which could mean that your SEO is actually weakened because of this work.


    Title tags

    Title tags should be used so that GoogleBot can get a much better understanding of what the page is about.

    For example, if you sell scaffolding for hire, then the word “scaffolding” should be in the title.


    Meta titles and meta descriptions

    Your SEO agency should add meta titles and meta descriptions to each page.

    If you would like to obtain a quote, then why not call us on 029 21 760777?