Sometimes when a brand-new business is starting out in the city of Bristol, the business owners will have written detailed business plan which includes how they plan to advertise the company.

Under the section of marketing, they may stipulate how they are going to invest heavily in digital marketing, yet sometimes what some businesses fail to realise is how long organic seo takes to see results.

So, for example, if run say a solicitors practice, you have to think about how will your customers will find you here in Bristol, so your likely to have thought about what’s the best type of digital marketing to invest in, and for a lot of businesses which call our agency, will sometimes want to solely invest in organic seo.

They will recognise for example when somebody wants the assistance of a “divorce solicitor,” the are going to ask Google to find them local companies, and they are likely to contact the business in a short period of time. Therefore, a divorce solicitor will know that if they are not on the first page of the SERP’s on Google, well, there most definitely missing out .

So a lot of businesses will recognise the importance of being on the first page of Google, yet often they may not appreciate sometimes how much work this actually involves.

However what a lot of business owners fail to appreciate sometimes, is how long it takes to get to the top of Google’s SERP’s and even how long it takes to get onto the first page.

Therefore its never a walk in the park getting any company onto the first page of Google, it’s often a slow process, what we would describe as a gradual process of improving the businesses SEO. So much work is needed, for example writing evergreen content marketing, building do-follow quality backlinks, making sure the onsite seo, such as internal links are working correctly, making sure every aspect of the SEO is white hat.

Now, a lot of businesses might get frustrated when various digital marketing agencies, like ours say, its going to take at least six months to see any results from the organic SEO. So, for example, if your planning on starting a new plumbing business in Clifton area of Bristol, in The South West of England, that’s a highly competitive business sector, so we are likely to say, its going to take 6 to 12 months to see any results from the SEO, depending on how well designed your website is at the moment.

A lot of companies, especially start-ups, might not have the cash flow, to sustain paying for six months of seo, without it generating any leads.

However our Bristol seo agency is not being purposely difficult, or sticking our heels in the ground, and not therefore dragging the process out further than it needs to, as there’s a good reason for why it takes six months and sometimes even longer to see any leads / sales come through our organic seo.

So grab yourself a brew, and let us explain to you why it often takes us six months and sometimes even longer for us to get a business onto the first page.


The algorithm


In a nutshell, not to overcomplicate how we explain this, basically businesses are all ranked according to how strong their ranking factors are.

Now, obviously a business that has been paying an SEO agency  for a huge amount of time, let’s say 10 years solid, is therefore likely to have very strong SEO, and are likely to rank on the first page.

So, if the digital marketing agency is any good, they are likely to build quality backlinks, have written a lot of quality content marketing, improved the web design, built quality business citations, and also got the on-site SEO next the perfect.

And when you compare this to a new businesses website, a company which is just starting out in Bristol, and lets the company is say a new family law practice, while their website is be like a blank canvas. This means that the organic SEO score if it had to be rated from o to 100, will most likely be ranked about five on that scale.

And let’s say that’s it’s only at a 5% organic SEO strength, because the design is quite good, and the evergreen content marketing has been well written lets say. Of course Bristol seo companies like ours, dont work out how strong a businesses seo is by just expressing it as a percentage, its more complicated than that, and often requires an SEO consultant to work out the strengths of the companies seo, and the weaknesses of the organic seo, but you get the idea, a new website, wouldn’t normally have strong organic seo at all.

So, when Googlebot indexes that companies website, that’s when it “crawls and indexes ” the entire site, it will see that the website has weak seo, the ranking factors such as the incoming do-follow backlinks are possibly few in number, the on-site seo is very weak, and the website has’nt got much content marketing.

So Googlebot, will then relay this to Google’s algorithm that the seo is weak, and the business in Bristol, will get ranked accordingly.

So, what we are trying to get across is this, to get to a company in Bristol to the top of Google, it is often a massive mountain that needs to be climbed first, and that’s no exaggeration.

It is quite simply put, the businesses which are on the first page today, who will also have reaped the benefits of putting in all of that seo work, or spending all of that marketing budget on organic SEO, and what happens is once they start to see that it is a very good form of marketing for the business, those companies, normally don’t give up their position without a fight.

So what happens is the businesses which are on the first page sometimes go from strength to strength, so to beat that seo strength is often very difficult indeed.


Don’t be deterred we are a very good SEO agency


There are now thousands of seo agencies here in the U.K offering to improve your SEO, some for a small fortune, and also a number just offering ridiculously low prices, however regardless of the fee that they do charge per month, you have to find one that offers you quality work.

Even if the agency turns around and says that its going to take over six months to see results, that’s not sometimes because they are being difficult, or to draw extra money out of the client, it’s sometimes due to the fact that the competition is so strong, so it is gonna take them that time to even start see results.

No matter if you run a manufacturing business in Aztec West, your a solicitors practice that is just opening up in Clifton in Bristol, or your dentist in the Fishponds area, we are an agency that is here to help you to improve your organic SEO.

However, we would stress the point that it doesn’t matter whether you run a MOT station or your a solicitor’s practice with over a thousand employees, organic SEO is normally a slow process, and it depends on the level of the competition.


Level of the competition

This brings us neatly onto our next point ,in is it does depend ultimately on how strong your competitors SEO is  in terms of how fast you can move forwards, if  they are really strong this can mean its a slow process, if they have weak SEO, so they’ve only invested a small sum of money into their SEO, then they can be be more easily beaten.


How we can help


There are thousands digital marketing agencies up and down the land, however we have the edge over a lot of these businesses, because we offer quality SEO, that is always white hat.

We can help you to move up the ranks, we also offer sensible prices.

If you run a business in Bristol, or you are looking to start a new company in Bath, and you need a company to manage your whole online presence, from designing the website, to improving the organic SEO and offering content marketing every single month, we are agency for you.

We have some seriously talented SEO consultants, and we are a well-known SEO agency here in Bristol.

If you would therefore like to receive a no-obligation quote why not give our agency a ring today?