There are a lot of business owners that are worried over the economy at the moment. It could be argued that to run a business on the high-street that its now harder than ever.

Plus, if you run a business within a major capital city like Cardiff, well your likely to face a lot of competition.

So for example, it doesn’t matter if you’re a plumber, or you’re a solicitors practice, all business owners can be worried about the economy.

So we thought that it would be a good idea to for SEO agency to recommend ways that could help your business to generate more sales, if you hire us as your marketing company.

Brexit, slowing economy, less confidence in the economy, is your business ready?

Let’s face it, a lot of businesses will acknowledge that there are strong headwinds to our economy.

Take for instance Brexit, a lot of people will not make large purchases if they think the economy is about to take a nose dive.

For example, they may not move home, they may not even purchase that large television if they think that potentially that their job could be at risk.

So what’s the solution as a business, well, we think its to question the marketing agency you are with now, and question are they really delivering?

If not now might be the time to switch, and not to switch to just one marketing agency that offers everything, perhaps you may wish to appoint many different businesses, for example one to manage your businesses SEO, another to manager your company’s social media, and perhaps another to manage your businesses PPC?

Sometimes by hiring a specialist company you may obtain better value, however, one thing is important, and this is every business must be managed, as there are so many marketing company’s that do not deliver a good service, and particularly during a recession that may occur, this is when the strength of your marketing company’s metal may falter.

So in a nutshell we would say isn’t it about time you shopped around to see if you could partner with a better marketing agency?


Your SEO company should be working hard to make sure your business is as visible as possible, so for example, lets say you run a construction business, and you are number one for “loft conversions” in your area.

Well, your SEO agency should be working hard to get your business to number one for say “builders” or “construction company’s” near me.

Quality SEO

Only invest in white hat SEO.

It takes time, so now is a good time to invest

If your business is looking to invest in organic SEO, its worth bearing in mind that it can take many months in most cases to see any results, so if you are thinking of investing, then you may wish to find a white hat SEO company quickly.

Don’t choose just any SEO agency

It’s really important to choose an SEO company that offers quality SEO.


Perhaps your business is investing in organic seo, local seo, social media adverts, radio advertising and even leaflets being delivered door to door, perhaps its time to concentrate on one area.

Sometimes businesses in Cardiff, especially when the business is just starting to invest in many types of advertising, yet often become weak in all as the marketing strategy is too diluted.

Your business may therefore wish to concentrate just on investing in white hat SEO.

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