Most businesses in each city face a large amount of competition, so, whether you’re running a hairdressing saloon, or an MOT station, most businesses now recognise the importance of investing in SEO.

However, when most businesses think about SEO, they think about organic SEO, and some businesses believe that by investing in organic SEO, that their business will automatically appear in the Google My Business as well- but this is often not the case.

The reason for this is the digital marketing agency that you hire should be instructed by you to improve your businesses organic seo and local seo at the same time, as to get your business ranked in the Google My Business results often means more work.

So, within this article we are going to look at how a business can improve their chances of getting their company ranked in the Google My Business results.

Yet, it’s important to remember this before we start, that is all SEO work must be white hat.

What is Google My Business?

So, let’s say that you are looking for a mobile phone shop, and you’re looking for a local business.

So, you ask Google, where can I buy a mobile phone locally?

And if your using say an Android phone at the moment, well, Google may know where you are located, then offer you a list of businesses where you can purchase a new mobile from locally.

So, at the top you may have PPC adds, then Google My Business results, and the Google My Business listing will normally accompanied by a map, then you will have the organic business results beneath.

So, as the Google My Business results are at the top normally, near the PPC ads, then a lot of businesses will want to hire an SEO company, that’s to help get their business ranked there.

Why do so many businesses want to be listed in the Google My Business results?

The reason is that the Google My Business results are normally right at the top of the business results, and accompanied by a map, so if you get your business ranked there, your business will stand out.


However, some businesses think that it’s just a case of paying for SEO once and that’s it, and that an SEO company should be able to get them ranked in the Google My Business results forever, this is often not the case for a lot of businesses.

For some businesses, it’s the case that they sometimes have to pay a marketing company to help get the business listed within the Google My Business results, but also to invest sometimes every month for the digital marketing agency to keep on working on keeping the business there for as long as possible.

So how can an SEO company improve a business’s SEO?

There are many different ways that a marketing company could improve your local SEO, to help you to understand some of the ways we could improve your company’s local SEO, we have mentioned a few SEO areas that we could improve for your company below:

Business citations

Business citations can help Google’s algorithm to understand where your business is located. So, a marketing company could mention your businesses NAP information within the business citation.


NAP stands for business name, address and phone number. Google’s algorithm can read this information and then if it’s the same as your website, and Google My Business account, then this can help to improve your company’s SEO.


If your business has a lot of good quality backlinks, and these backlinks are relevant to your business then this can help to improve your local SEO.

So, by relevant we mean an accountancy practice will need links from high-quality accountancy websites.

NAP details on your website

NAP details should be written onto your website, so this means that the name of the business, its address and phone number should be written onto the website, and also work with a marketing company also to add Schema as well.

Content marketing

High-quality content marketing should be added to your website, so for example if your business sells electric bikes, then your marketing agency should be adding blog posts about electric bikes.

However, all work must be white hat.

Business reviews

Let’s say there are two businesses that make wedding cakes, now which business do you think would stand a better chance of being shown within the Google My Business results? A business that has no business reviews, or a business that has over 100 genuine business reviews, well, we would say the latter.

White hat

All work must be white hat, so whether you hire an SEO consultant, or a marketing agency to help with your businesses organic or local SEO, all work must be white hat.

Must be quality backlinks

All backlinks must be quality, so let’s say you run a car dealership, in order to improve your businesses seo, the company will need to obtain quality backlinks from quality motoring related websites.

For example, there may well be a website that specialises in talking about one brand of car, and that website is high-quality, then a backlink from this high-quality business could help improve the car dealerships seo.


If your business is established, then your businesses SEO may already be stronger than some other businesses, the business may have also accrued many good quality backlinks already, that’s sometimes even before they have hired an SEO agency.

Visiting your shop or offices

Let’s say you run a shop that sells pizza’s, and a lot of people pick-up pizza’s from your business, then sometimes Google will know that your business has a lot of customers, plus if these customers then leave a business review, well, this can help your businesses SEO, if the business reviews are positive and genuine.

Google My Business profile

Your business should have a Google My Business profile, our SEO company can help your business to set-up a Google My Business account.

How we can help: We can help your business to improve its local SEO and organic SEO.