When learning about Search Engine Optimisation, you may have read that are thought to be in excess of over 200 ranking factors. For those that simply do not have the foggiest idea what on earth ranking factors are, well, in a nutshell they are areas of SEO, such as let’s say backlinks, which the algorithm, that’s Google’s algorithm, or lets say another algorithm, used by another search engine that has its own algorithm, will use to decipher how good or indeed, how bad a businesses SEO is.


So think of it like this, your looking for a used car, you know when sometimes on the windscreen you see something like this “this car has been through a 100-point check” well, this is the same for your companies website, however, it doesn’t get checked once, no Googlebot, that’s an automated piece of code that Google uses, will check a companies website many times, through what us SEO’s call “crawling and indexing” a companies website”, this is to see how strong the companies “ranking factors” are, to compare this with your competitors, and then let’s say you are an estate agent, well which estate agent in that area has the strongest SEO?


Well, that’s the algorithms job to decipher, so, the businesses that have the strongest ranking factors will rank higher.


So, you just need to learn what the ranking factors are right? Well, yes, you do, but as any good SEO business here in Cardiff, Wales will know, the ranking factors can change in terms of importance, but there’s also AI to think about, for example Google’s RankBrain, that is AI technology that Google uses is also working out where a business should rank.


In this article we will talk-about

-Google’s PageRank

-Google’s use of AI

-Google’s RankBrain

-Google’s algorithm

-Google’s ranking factors




So, for a very long time, if you were interested in organic SEO, you might have spent a long time reading seo articles about building white backlinks, and also about “Google’s PageRank algorithm”.


Now, don’t get us wrong- high-quality backlinks (white hat) are still important, however Google’s algorithm has moved on a lot since the days of “Google’s PageRank algorithm”.


The algorithm is now a lot more advanced, its now using AI, and also the established ranking factors, such as backlinks, in order to work out where a business should be ranked.


Many digital marketing agencies believe that Google’s algorithm is now using “artificial intelligence” that is “A.I” in order to work out where a business should be ranked.


Within this article, our marketing agency is going to discuss how we think artificial intelligence is now being used in order to improve Google’s algorithm.



Is AI (artificial intelligence) part of Google’s algorithm?


We think so yes- it’s been widely commented that Google is using something called  “Google RankBrain”, that’s to say, we think that there are still 200 different seo ranking factors,  yet AI is being used in order to improve Google also.


However, we believe that artificial intelligence or AI is now an important ranking factor in itself. Some seo experts think that Google’s RankBrain might just be the third most important ranking factor.


We think that, “artificial intelligence” is being used to monitor for example a company’s “bounce rate”.


So, how does your company think that A.I is being used?


So, let’s give you an example, let’s say that you are looking to purchase a pair of running shoes.


Now, let’s say that business number one, sells running shoes, but it’s very hard to sort through the 2000 pages of shoes by size, and whether they are in stock or not, a lot of people have the same problem with this company, so, this is why it has a very high bounce rate.


The “bounce rate” for that business is over 90%.


Yet there is another business, which also sells running shoes, it’s very easy to find the shoes you want and to know whether they are in stock or not with that business, this business has a bounce rate of less than 10%.


We think it is the businesses which has a lower bounce rate which will have stronger SEO.


Now, this is just one example of how we think “Google’s RankBrain” will be used to see how good a businesses organic SEO is or not, yet we believe that there are many different ways which Google’s RankBrain, will be used to work out how good a businesses organic SEO is.


Is artificial intelligence (AI) an important part of organic SEO do you think?


Yes, we think that artificial intelligence or AI is an important part of Google’s algorithm already, but we also think that it is going to increase in terms of its importance as well.


So, when a lot of marketing agencies say that “Google’s RankBrain” might just be the third most important ranking factor, this shows how important AI is.


So what is Google’s RankBrain?


Of course, every single SEO company is going to have its own theory, that’s on what “Google’s RankBrain” is- however here is our thoughts on what Google’s RankBrain is.


Let’s say that you are shopping for let’s say a new electric bike.


Now, let’s say that there are four main businesses which retail electric bikes online, and these let’s say just for example purposes, are the retailers which sell the vast majority of electric bikes which are sold online.


We think the businesses which have the lowest “bounce rate”, the highest “time on site”, the most pages viewed of electric bikes, the businesses where the shopper seems to be spending the longest on their website, will be the businesses which are rewarded by “Google’s RankBrain”.


So, this means that we think that the more established “seo ranking factors”, such as backlinks, are still very important, as you need to obviously get your business onto the first page of Google.


However, with that said, we think that when you get customers onto your company website, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your “bounce rate” is low, they are looking at as many products or services as that your business offers as possible, and the shopper is spending a long time on your company website.


So, for example, let’s say that a new retailer of electric bikes has a sky-high bounce rate, let’s say that it’s 99%, and that the average shopper is only looking at one electric bike, and then they are leaving the company website, then we think that this SEO is going to be weak.


Do you think that “Google’s RankBrain” will become a much more important part of Google’s algorithm?


Yes, we think that Google’s RankBrain will become a more important part of the algorithm


Why do you think that a company’s “bounce rate” is going to become a much more important ranking factor?


We think that all businesses should aim to lower their “bounce rate”, for example if the business has a 90% bounce rate on its homepage, then the web designers and the agency should be asking well why is 90% of the shopper’s leaving the website, on the first page?


For example, when the S.E.O is improved, you might start to see the bounce rate lowering.





Why it’s so important that you only invest in white hat SEO


We would strongly recommend that you only invest in top quality SEO.


The quality of the organic SEO needs to be high, otherwise your business could incur an “algorithmic penalty”.


Are the other seo ranking factors still important?


Yes, our agency thinks that the other seo ranking factors, such as backlinks, and let’s say meta titles are still very important, that’s to say the other seo ranking factors, which their are thought to be over 200 SEO ranking factors, are still important yes.




Do you still think that back links are important?


Yes, we believe that quality back links are still an important part of SEO. That’s the say even though a lot of agencies, talking about artificial intelligence, and how artificial intelligence is becoming a more and more important part of organic SEO, we still think that the more established ranking factors such as back links are still very important.


We think that it’s important that agencies optimise a website in a white hat way and that the optimise the ranking factors such as for example back links, content marketing and on-site SEO.


However, we also think that artificial intelligence is becoming more and more important, for example it’s more important than ever that a business lowers its bounce rate.


Yet with that said, often businesses will need to hire an agency, that is able to build high quality white hat back links.


So, to give you an example, let’s say that your business sells sofas online.


It’s important that whichever digital marketing agency that you hire, that they improve your businesses ranking factors, such as building high-quality, do follow and no follow back links. They should also improve the other 200 ranking factors in a white hat way.


However, your agency should also be monitoring your businesses bounce rate, they should be lowering your businesses bounce rate and they should be working to ensure that they improve not just the organic SEO but also your businesses web design.


So for example, your company might spot that the main menu is causing the business to have a high bounce rate.


For example When the web designers, design a new main menu, for example they make it easier for customers to find the products they want, because they have designed a menu that easier to use and splits products out, for example if you sell electrical items, the new menu might split coffee machines out into been to cup coffee machines, filter coffee machines and also coffee machines that become integrated into your kitchen, therefore this is how web designers should work with agencies in order to improve web design and also to improve the SEO.


Also your marketing agency will often have to improve your businesses ranking factors, there are over 200 different ranking factors, for example the agency might wish to improve the following:


•       Content marketing

•       Evergreen content marketing

•       Backlinks

•       Meta titles and also meta descriptions

•       Alt text

•       Bounce rate

•       Titles

•       H1 through to H6

•       Anchor text

•       Do follow back links white hat

•       No follow back links white hat

•       Design

•       Schema

•       Business citations

•       Nap

•       White hat

•       Product descriptions

•       All organic SEO work should always be “white hat”