A lot of business owners believe that as soon as they started investing in organic SEO, that they should start to see results straightaway.

And after all this is what you pay an agency for, right?

Well, the thing is that organic SEO often takes a very long time to see results, that’s the say it’s not days, weeks it’s often months.

And in very competitive industries, such as the car insurance industry, it may take many years to get business onto the first page.

And this is because your competitors set the standard the beat, if they have been investing in SEO for say the last 12 years, then obviously a new business that is just started investing in organic SEO cannot expect to see results overnight.

That’s because your competitors are likely to have thousands of good-quality backlinks, good quality content marketing and therefore they have already set the standard the beat quite high.

Not to disillusion your aspirations, we are now going to explain exactly why organic SEO is often such a slow process.

What does organic SEO mean?

First things first, if you land on a digital marketing agency’s website, often there are many different services on offer.

For example the business might offer social media marketing, content marketing, web design and also may offer PPC services.

However within this article we are going to concentrate on one strand of digital marketing and that is organic SEO.

Let’s say that you are rather peckish, and you are looking for a local Italian restaurant, known type Italian restaurant plus the name of the city in which you wish to dine at.

Now, you often will be presented with PPC ads of the top, then Google my business results and then the organic results.

Now it’s fair to say that the organic results often take up the vast majority of results, is because there are often 10 businesses presented on the first page.

Now as you can imagine the 10 businesses being presented on the first page of Google, in the organic results, you still have to climb the ranks in order to be more likely to be selected by a customer.

That’s the say customers more likely to click on a business that is ranked at the top of the organic results on Google, then they are to select the business that is ranked right at the bottom of the results.

Therefore your agency has to make sure that your business is ranked as high as possible, for as many keywords as possible.

So why is this such a slow process?

Why is it such a slow process?

It is such a slow process because of what are called ranking factors, is widely thought that Google algorithm takes into account over 200 different ranking factors, that’s when calculating how strong your businesses SEO is.

Now, with that said, it then compares your website with your direct competitors here in Cardiff.

So for example, let’s say that your Italian restaurant has just opened within Cardiff Bay.

Get you want your business to appear at the top of Google results for Italian restaurants plus the city which your business is based.

Now, this is all well and good, but you are likely to be up against other Italian restaurants, may have been paying for organic SEO for a very long time.

This simply means that there ranking factors are likely to be a lot stronger, that’s the say over 200 different ranking factors, they are likely to have stronger SEO because quite simply put they have been investing longer.

Therefore your business which is just starting out in Cardiff Bay, which is just started investing in organic SEO, is like having a blank slate, that’s the say there is very little accomplished in the way of SEO.

So the website might have very few backlinks, very little content marketing added to the website, and the on-site SEO is likely to be weak.

Therefore to bring your website up to the standard that your competition, and beat your competitors you have to beat the standard SEO and this in a nutshell is why organic SEO takes such a long time.

Now you are always going to have those marketing agencies here in Cardiff which state that they can promise the world for a very small fee, but as a lot of businesses already know, if the work is not high quality and the business could incur a penalty stop

incurring a penalty for those that do not know, could mean that your business is removed completely from Google, so simply put we think cheap and low quality SEO is simply a false economy


How strong are your competitors?

First things first, your marketing agency should undertake a competitor analysis, that’s in order to understand how strong your competitors are.

For example, there’s no point in having a marketing budget of a few hundred pounds per month, if you are up against competitors that are investing thousands per month, and have been doing so for many years.

That’s because the competition will have set the bar too high, they will have thousands of good-quality links, they may have really good content marketing and very strong on-site SEO.

So quite simply put, in order to beat the competition, you have to set a realistic marketing budget.

That’s the say you have to provide enough of the marketing budget to your agency in order to complete enough work to rival your competitors.

If you are investing a small amount, then the amount might be a drop in the ocean and the marketing agency might not achieve the goals that you had hoped that the set up for.

Some business owners falsely believe that they can get their business onto the first page of in a short amount of time

a lot of SEO companies sometimes state that they can give them clients onto the first page of Google in a short amount of time, but in reality sometimes they just say this in order to secure a new client.

It’s far better to partner with an agency that set realistic goals, that’s the say they correctly wait the competition, see that there SEO is very strong, therefore set a realistic marketing budget that allows enough time to be spent to implement enough work to beat the competition.

That’s the say there are no shortcuts when it comes to doing things properly, that’s the say if your competitors have really strong backlinks, really good on-site SEO then your business will need to do the same.

If an agency does cut corners, then this only means that the business will most likely incur a penalty later down the line. This could mean that the business is removed from Google.


Why can take many months sometimes even years

here’s the part that a lot of business owners do not want to hear, that is often with organic SEO it can take many months and sometimes even years to see results.

It all boils down to how strong your competitors are, for example if your competitors SEO is weak, and often you can overtake them in a matter of months.

However if you are launching a new car insurance company, and you want to rank on the first page of Google for car insurance related to, then this is a fiercely competitive business sector, and the other car insurance companies have most likely invested millions, it may take years your business to get onto the first page.

Content marketing

There’s no point in setting a really low marketing budget, if this means that writing high quality content marketing is excluded.

You should therefore set a marketing budget which allows enough time for the marketing agency to write high quality content marketing.



If you were to ask any digital marketing agency what is one of the most important ranking factors, they are most likely to say to you that backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors.

However the backlinks must be high quality, that’s the say you need high quality backlinks.

Ranking factors

As earlier mentioned there are over 200 different ranking factors, your agency should therefore optimise as many of these ranking factors in a “white hat” way as possible.

There are over 200 different ranking factors

with over 200 different ranking factors, you have to set a realistic marketing budget to your marketing agency can set enough time to improve as many ranking factors as possible.

What we mean by this is often to beat the competition, and by that we mean rank higher than the competition, you have to optimise as many ranking factors as possible.

this often means building high-quality backlinks, writing content marketing, and improving the on-site SEO as well.

your competitors set the standard the beat

therefore we hope that this article makes clear that your competitors are setting the standard that you have to beat.

Therefore organic SEO is not like PPC, with PPC you can invest straightaway and start seeing results, yet organic SEO takes a great deal of time to see results

Has to be white hat

The work must always be white hat.


If the work is not white hat then your business could incur an algorithmic or a manual penalty.

Have to invest in a high-quality agency

You should therefore find a SCO company that can offer high-quality white hat SEO.

The work must be of high quality

The work should always be high quality, whether that building backlinks in a white hat way or writing the content marketing


Has to be done right

The work has to be done right otherwise the business could incur an “algorithmic” or a “manual” penalty, this means that the business could be removed from Google, if the work is not done in a “white hat” way.

why it’s best to partner with an agency that sets realistic expectations

Therefore if you visit an agency in Cardiff, which sets realistic expectations, and by this we mean that they have properly evaluated your direct competitors SEO, and explained roughly how long they think it will take to reach the first page of  Google, then this is far better than a company which over   promises and under delivers.

There are too many agencies here in Cardiff that will offer SEO at a very low price, yet not deliver results, therefore we recommend partnering with a “white hat” agency that will offer high-quality SEO.

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