Most business owners will know a thing or two about white hat SEO prior to contacting our seo agency for help with their businesses seo.

And this means that quite often the business owner will know that backlinks, and content marketing are a really important part of the SEO process.

And that business owner would be right.

So, within this article we will explain how content marketing could be used to improve your businesses seo.

What is content marketing?

In its most common form, content marketing is just written text, that’s to say written text that’s a blog post, or say written text that’s placed on a main page on your company’s website.

However, content marketing could also be a YouTube video, an infographic or for example a company newsletter for example.

Why is content marketing important?

The algorithms that are used by Google have to work out what your business is about, and they also have to work out whether your business offers good quality information or not.

So, it may seem a bad idea for a pizza restaurant to be giving away advice on how to make a tasty pizza on its website, right?

Well, the business owner may well think so, as less people may go to the restaurant once they know how to make a pizza themselves.

But often when the seo agency explains is this, and this is where most business owners will change their mind, that is if there website ives away free advice on how to make a tasty Hawaiian pizza on their website for example, but in return this helps the business to be ranked at the number one position for “pizza restaurants” in that area on Google, well obviously the business benefits from this SEO work as well.

So that’s the thing, yes a business will be giving away free advice, yet if the businesses SEO improves, well the business is benefiting as well. 

Not just blog posts

When most business owners or even some internal marketing teams talk to an SEO agency about obtaining content marketing for their business, well sometimes they automatically think that content marketing must come in the form of a blog post.

But this isn’t exactly correct, and the reason for that is content marketing could be the following:

·        Main page on the website (Ever green content marketing)

·        Newsletter

·        YouTube video

·        An e-mail marketing campaign


Google’s Knowledge Graph

So here’s the thing, some businesses believe that all SEO agencies offer the same thing, that’s to say they may ask for a list of work that the seo company is offering, and then presume that one piece of content marketing will be the same as what another seo company is offering.

However, this is not the case, and the reason for that is one business may offer 400 words of complete waffle.

Where on the other hand, the other marketing business may spend many hours researching how to write the article, and then write a long article that will really help to improve the businesses seo.

So, the point we are trying to make is that some businesses offer quality seo, and some do not.


The algorithm only wants to serve the best answer to the question

Here’s the thing that you have to remember, Google only wants to serve the best answer to that question.

So no matter if you are a construction business, or you run a car dealership, Google is looking at which business is  best placed to answer that question.

So as you can imagine, one car dealership that doesn’t add any blog posts, and the website is really basic, well, that’s not likely to have great seo.

However, the other car dealership, well that’s the one talking about new model cars that have just been released by the manufacturer.

They have someone that really knows about cars offering a detailed review on each model of car. That business is also regularly adding blog posts about why their brand of car, that they sell offers such good value for money.

Well, have a guess which businesses SEO is likely to be better?

Exactly business number two.


Quality is much better than quantity

Okay, so this is a really important point, its one which businesses which are doing SEO themselves should most definitely take on board.

That is, some businesses will have a competitor that’s ranked right at the top of Google. Let’s say the business sector is for family lawyers, that are also divorce solicitors.

So business number one, that’s a brand-new law practice, they want to specialise in offering divorce advice, and they want to rank number one for “divorce solicitors”.

So, they take a look at the business which is currently ranked number one, and they spot that the business has hundreds of blog posts that are added to that businesses website.

So, in a complete rush to catch-up, the business which is just starting also decides to add hundreds of blog posts to their website, does this-sound like a good idea?

Well, we don’t think it is such a good idea. As here’s the thing, its far better to have really good quality content marketing than it is to have hundreds of rubbish content marketing added to your business’s website.

So many businesses have incurred a Google Panda penalty, that’s because they have added content marketing which is not good quality.

That’s to say the business may have written the words they want the business to rank for over and over again.

So for example, the business may have written “divorce solicitors that are within Cardiff” over and over again.

This doesn’t just spoil how a reader can read the blog post, no, it can also trigger a penalty. That’s because Google’s algorithm will spot that the work is low-quality, and the website could incur a penalty such as the Google Panda penalty.

So, our best advice would be to only invest in white hat seo.

Customers first

Sometimes some businesses, and even some seo companies for that matter, get so caught up with improving the businesses seo, that they forget the real reason why they are writing that blog post.

So for example, lets say for example you run a business and you sell beeswax candles.

And let’s say you employ a really rubbish seo company, and all they do is keep publishing numerous blog posts, and all these blog posts are roughly 400 words, and they just keep mentioning “beeswax candles” over and over again.

That’s to say the seo agency may well be thinking they are helping to improve the businesses seo, when in matter of fact they are doing the complete opposite, that’s because they are creating blog posts that wont interest people that are looking to purchase beeswax candles, instead they are just trying to trick the algorithm into thinking the businesses seo is better than it is.

By the way, if this seo method is used, well, its likely to cause a penalty, such as a Google Panda penalty.

So, what’s the solution, how should the content marketing be written?

Well, we think you have to think of the sort of questions that your customers may ask, so for example, for your beeswax candle business, you could write:

·        Why are beeswax candles better than conventional candles?

·        How we ensure our candles only contain 100% natural ingredients

·        Why some beeswax candles are not all made from natural ingredients

·        Want to find out how we make our beeswax candles?


These are likely to be interesting blog posts, that’s if they are written in a white hat way.

So, in a nutshell, you should write blog posts so that they will be of interest to your customers, don’t write blog posts to just try and just improve your businesses seo. 



Googlebot is what Google uses to crawl and index a website. So, what this means that it is Googlebot’s job is to report back to Google’s algorithm when a company’s website changes, so for example, if a new blog post is added.

Now, don’t get us wrong, Googlebot wont know automatically that you have added a blog a new blog post to your company’s website.

Yet, with that said, there is a way that you can inform Google that you have added a new blog post, you can use Google Search Console, which was formally called “Google Webmaster Tools” prior to having its name changed.

But, if you don’t use Google Search Console, well Google will still be able to notice the new blog post that you have added to your company’s website, it just will take a bit longer.

That’s to say Googlebot may crawl and index your company’s website that same day, or it may crawl and index it a bit later, say in a weeks or months time.

Yet, soon enough the blog post will be crawled and indexed, its at this point that Google’s algorithm will work out whether this will have an effect on where your website ranks.

For example, let’s say it crawls and indexes the blog post, and it notices that it already has say over 100 good quality backlinks, well this is likely to affect that pages rankings.

But for this to happen, the backlinks would need to be good quality.


Why quality is so important

The quality of the content marketing is really important, and that’s because Google’s algorithm only wants to serve the best possible answer to a question.

So as you can imagine, if two businesses were say seo agencies, and one’s writing blog posts that are not really going to help a business that’s interested in white hat seo, well, that business isn’t going to have great seo itself.

Yet if there’s another marketing agency, and that marketing company wants to answer SEO questions that the company frequently get’s asked, and to answer them as best they can, well the business seo is likely to improve.  

Must understand your business and your business sector

Some digital marketing agencies do not do enough research about the business. So, for example lets say the business is a construction business, well the seo company may just start writing content marketing about the construction industry- yet will this help the business?

Well, if the seo company had spent the time needed to understand what the business specialises in, well, they may find that they are loft conversion specialists.

And that really they don’t want to rank for “construction companies + name of city” or “builders + name of city”.

No instead they want to rank for “loft conversions + name of city” and “attic conversion companies + name of city”.

So therefore by the marketing agency spending that little bit more time to find out exactly what business that company wants to attract, well the marketing strategy may well be completely different.

Now you might say, well surely the business owner would tell you what types of construction contracts they want to obtain?

Well, the answer to that is sometimes no, sometimes a business may believe that SEO will mean that the business will obtain more enquires from customers who need a builder.

Some businesses do not know therefore that often you can target some phrases, such as “loft conversion companies” and this wont just bring in the customers the business wants, but also it will often cut down the amount of time that the seo company can bring in results, because all the seo activity can be focused on one area.

Well written

Okay, so some businesses know that content marketing is a really important part of the SEO process, but sometimes the seo agency may not offer content marketing that will improve the businesses seo.

Often some businesses will simply not understand white hat seo, or the work just lacks any effort, that it therefore won’t help the businesses seo.

Must be white hat

Content marketing should always be created so that it follows white hat seo methods. This means that some businesses may write many blog posts for the company’s blog, yet they may not see the seo results that they had hoped for.

This is when some businesses then cut corners, and they may not use white hat methods, and this is never advised. As if white hat methods are not used, the business could incur a penalty.

The truth is that organic seo takes a long time to see results, and businesses should be prepared to wait a long time to see the benefits of their seo work.

This means that a business may write say 10 really good blog posts, and the website’s rankings may not improve, and that’s because as most seo companies will know, it can take a long time to see any benefits.


Will help to make your website more relevant

Here’s a really important thing that businesses should always remember, that is that content marketing can help to make a website more relevant to type of customers it wishes to attract.

So for example, let’s say your business sells bathroom products, and you are wondering why you seo company is stating it’s a good idea to write guides on how to install a bathroom suite.

You may well be thinking as the business owner, I just want to sell baths, sinks and toilets- I don’t want to be giving away advice on how to install these items.

But the online marketing agency will know that if the DIY guides on how to install a bath, sink or toilet are really good, that they are likely to have the following benefits for the business:

·        Make the website more relevant for selling bathroom items

·        Bring in more visitors

·        People who are installing a bathroom themselves, may spend a long time reading the DIY guides, so this may dramatically increase how long visitors spend on the website

·        The bounce rate may decrease

·        DIY websites may link to the work, so offer backlinks

·        The algorithm may notice that the page has many good quality backlinks, so may improve where that page is ranked, therefore helping the business to draw in more customers.


Other on-page SEO elements can be added

Here’s another really important point, some businesses may think that to improve their businesses seo, they just have to add say 400 words to their website, say once every week.

However, if your adding blog posts, which are just written to a word count, and therefore the work doesnt offer any useful information, well this is likely to damage your seo.

For example, let’s say your business sells smart phones, well if you write 400 words that just keeps  mentioning “smart phones” over and over again, in an attempt to improve the businesses seo, well this isn’t going to work.

However, if you write an article that talks about the phones features, and how this product offers good value, well that’s much more likely to be a better blog post.

And then you can add other seo elements such as:

·        Internal backlinks

·        Anchor text

·        You could build good quality backlinks to that page

·        Titles

·        H1 -H6

·        Meta titles

·        Meta descriptions

·        Alt text


Bounce rate

One way that a business can measure if its content marketing is helping to improve the businesses SEO or not, is to monitor the bounce rate.

For those that do not know, a high bounce rate simply means that a lot of people are leaving a website quickly.

So if a website has a low bounce rate, well that means that business is managing to keep its visitors interested.

You may ask well why is this important, surely we should just be interested in increasing the amount of sales that a website makes?

Well, sure yes that is important. However, if a business wants to improve its seo, then it needs to lower its bounce rate, and here’s why.

Someone is looking to purchase a new kettle online, and business number one sells the same kettle as business number two, however business number one has a high bounce rate.

However business number two, well that has invested in online marketing, so the kettle has a detailed product description. Plus the digital marketing agency, they have made a short video explaining the features that the kettle has, so that a customer can gain a much better understanding of the product.

So business two’s website will most likely have a lower bounce rate, therefore the search engines will know this, and therefore may deem business number two as the website with better seo, therefore business number two is more likely to rank higher, and therefore more likely to attract more customers.

So this is why a business should aim to reduce its bounce rate.


Can be used to help improve your local SEO

Do you run a business here in Cardiff? If so then your seo company may wish to think about creating content marketing that will also help to improve your business local seo.

And how can this be done?

Well, that’s rather simple, lets for example you run a solicitors practice, here in Cardiff.

Well, the digital marketing agency may write blog posts about an award ceremony you attended here in Cardiff. The seo company may also write about a new office location you have just opened in Cardiff’s city centre, and therefore the content marketing will be informing visitors to the website about your business, but also Cardiff will be mentioned within the work, so this can help improve your businesses local seo.

However, here’s the thing, no matter if your business is implementing local seo or organic seo, your business, and your seo company must always use white hat methods.

How we can help:

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We can help your business with its:

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