How much do your SEO services cost per month?

Every business will need a different amount of work, so for example some businesses may be already investing in SEO at the moment, yet they may wish to switch to a different digital marketing agency.

Yet some other businesses may well be brand-new business, so naturally these websites will require more SEO work.

And then there’s the important issue of competition, so if your business faces stiff competition, well, often more SEO work is needed each month.

So how much do our SEO services cost?

Our fee will therefore differ depending on how much work is required, so why not drop us a line, and we can then offer you a quote in a short amount of time?

Do you guarantee results?

When you invest money into SEO, most businesses will want a cast-iron guarantee that they will be placed on page one of Google in an agreed timeframe, and that’s a reasonable request to make, right?

You would think that’s a reasonable request to make, yes, yet when a business understands a bit more about SEO they will know that most of the U. K’s leading SEO agencies do not guarantee results, and neither do we, so why is that so?

The reason for this is simple, a business that starts off investing say £1000.00 a month into SEO cannot reasonably expect to overtake some competitors in a very short amount of time, that’s if the businesses main competitors have all been investing for let’s say more on average for the last 5 years in SEO.

So, in a nutshell, a business that just starts off investing in organic SEO cannot reasonably expect to overtake established competitors in a very short amount of time, that’s if these competitors have been investing for a very long period of time before your business.

Yet with that said, we do have a very good reputation for moving businesses up the rankings and overtaking established businesses using white hat methods of SEO.

So, it all boils down to this, how strong are your competitors?

Your competitors set the SEO standard to beat, and because some may have been spending considerable sums of money for a very long time, well, often there’s much catching up to do.

This is why we, and most digital marketing agencies here within the U.K do not offer cast iron guarantees that we will overtake some competitors by a certain date.

However, with that said, we do send an SEO report every single month to show the progress that we are making.

Also we would also add beware of companies that do offer guarantees, and why is that so?

Well, that’s because some businesses use what is referred to as “black hat SEO” and you should avoid businesses that use such methods.

You should avoid these businesses as sometimes the companies will get you onto the first page for a very short window of time, for example a few weeks, or sometimes say a few months. Yet sooner or later the website will incur a penalty (Google Panda or Penguin for example)– and this can mean that sometimes the businesses is removed from Google altogether, and it can then sometimes be hard to regain where the business once was ranked.

So cheap SEO and black hat seo is a total false economy, this form of SEO will often damage your businesses marketing.

If a business is slow in terms of generating results, then this is sometimes because organic SEO is a slow process typically. However, do make sure you are investing in quality work, which is often referred to as “white hat SEO”.

Why do I need to invest every single month?

So, with some Cardiff SEO agencies you need to sign a 12- or 24-month contract, yet with us you do not need to be tied to such a long SEO contract.

However, with that said, this does not mean that SEO should be started one month, then paused and later resumed at a later date- and why is this so?

Well, there’s a rather simple reason for that, Google’s algorithm only rewards businesses that regularly invest in good quality SEO each month.

Businesses that do not invest in SEO every month, and therefore invest on an ad hoc basis, well, they may stay where they are for a bit, but then start to drop back again.

SEO should be invested in on a regular basis, this is why our online marketing agencies often set a monthly fee.

When a business’s pauses its investments, then drops down the ranks, well often this is when some businesses then try and resume SEO with the agency to try and get the business back up the rankings.

However often the months where the company did not invest in SEO, well, that work will still need to be completed, plus also the work that must follow, so this is why SEO is a continuous process.

Okay, so if we do decide to stop paying our website could drop back down?

Yes, organic SEO often needs a monthly investment, so for example let’s say your business is ranked right at the very top of Google right now, well, this doesn’t mean that the business will stay there forever.

The business could be overtaken by a competitor in the blink of an eye, this is why a regular investment is needed.

How much experience do you have in implementing SEO?

We have over 10 years’ worth of experience; Ryan, Emil and Dan are now some of the most knowledgeable SEO consultants in Cardiff.

Can we obtain a free SEO report?

We offer free quotes, but we do not offer free SEO reports.

What would be the average cost of SEO per month?

Prices range from a minimum of £220.00 per month, but can exceed £3000.00 per month for businesses in more competitive business sectors.