Finding an seo company to partner with these days isn’t that difficult, and that’s because there are now so many seo agencies within Cardiff. However, with that said, finding an agency that offers quality work at an affordable price, well can be more difficult.


Here at Ryan C Walsh we have grown our agency based on these principles:

·        We always offer top-quality work (white hat seo)

·        We explain everything clearly

·        SEO reports that are easy to understand

·        We don’t use marketing jargon when its not needed

If you like our style, well, why not have a read about how we can implement organic seo for your business.


What is organic SEO?

Let’s say your looking to purchase a new pair of shoes online, and you have asked Google to find you a pair of brown shoes.

Now at the top of Google, there will normally be two or three business listings, these will normally be the PPC ads (Pay Per Click Ads). This means that businesses will have paid to be advertised for that that term being “brown shoes”.

Then if you have specified that you wish to purchase your shoes locally, let’s say you wanted to find a shoe shop here in Cardiff, well, there will normally be a map next to a list of local businesses. These will be the Google My Business listings.

Some seo companies call these the “Map listings”.

Then the main bulk of the results, well, these will be the organic business listings. This is the section where we can help to get your business listed. We can also help get your business in the Google My Business results as well.

It goes without saying that the higher up the page your business is, the more clicks the business will most likely get, and therefore the opportunity to generate more sales gets greater.

Below we explain how we can help your business to improve its organic seo.


What’s the SEO process that your seo agency uses?

We only ever use white hat seo methods, now for those that do not know “white hat seo” means, well it’s just the correct way to implement seo.

Now, its also fair to say that some agencies do say they are “white hat”, when in matter of fact they  actually are not, however we truly are a white hat marketing agency. We only believe in offering quality work, as too many businesses that invest in low-quality seo later get a penalty, and this can sometimes mean that a business’s rankings will drop.

A penalty, such as a Google Panda or a Google Penguin penalty could mean that in some instances a business doesn’t just drop in terms of where it ranks, but sometimes the business will be removed altogether.


So how do you go about implementing SEO the right way?

Understanding your business

First things first we need to get to know your business. Now some people may argue that what a business offers is self-explanatory to the marketing company.

Meaning for example say the business in question is a scaffolding business, well it may well be argued that we should just optimise the business for “scaffolding company + city or town name”- well this isn’t the way to implement seo!

Instead an seo agency should spend time working out how your competitors seo works, this is whilst also using SEO tools so that can be used to evaluate what are the best words and phrases to optimise your website for.

If this is not completed, well you could be possibly be handing a massive competitor advantage to one of your rival businesses. As if the scaffolding business does not get it’s website optimised for say “commercial scaffolding”- but a competitor’s business does, well you could miss out on some lucrative contracts.

So, for example, after we have completed competitor research for the scaffolding business, we may find that the business wishes to have its website optimised for:

·        Façade retention services

·        Specialist scaffolding for asbestos removal

·        Domestic and commercial scaffolding

·        Hire of aluminium towers


SEO Audit

The next thing for us to do would be to evaluate your companies website, this normally takes some time, and is dependent on how large your website actually is.

For example, if you run a business here in Cardiff, and let’s say the website only has just 10 pages, well the seo audit shouldn’t take very long at all.

However, if you run an e-commerce business, and you retail thousands of different products, well often an seo audit will take quite a while perhaps up to a week for example.

Therefore, and seo audit may look at the following areas of your website:

·        Quality of backlinks

·        Amount of backlinks

·        Whether the backlinks are relevant to the business or not

·        Anchor text

·        Content marketing and the quality of the work

·        Meta titles and meta descriptions

·        Titles

·        Alt tags

·        How fast the company’s website loads

·        Crawl errors

·        How each word or phrase has been optimised

·        Is the work white hat?

·        Usability, is the website easy to use?

·        Mobile version?

·        AMP?

·        Evergreen content marketing

·        These are just some of the areas that our seo agency will often audit

Competitor analysis

We will then need to complete a competitor analysis, this is quite different from just checking which words or phrases we should be optimising your website for, which we mentioned earlier.

This involves much more work, such as checking your competitors backlinks, the quality of these backlinks and also your competitors onsite seo.

We would then want to know why they rank the highest, or at least within the top 10. 

This will give us a good idea of the amount of work that is needed to overtake the competition. For example, if the competition looks to have been implementing good quality seo for say the last 8 years, well we will then know that there’s going to be a lot of SEO work needed in order to beat that businesses seo.

It’s also important to note that even websites that look fairly basic, these websites should sometimes not be underestimated. As sometimes the business will have many good quality backlinks.

This means that the business may have so many good quality backlinks all sending “link juice” to the website, and this is what gives the business it’s seo strength.

So, our seo consultants would need to undertake a competitor audit, and this then allows us to offer a quote.


Onsite SEO

The next stage would be for us to implement onsite seo. Our seo consultants will therefore be looking at each page and will be asking the following questions:

·        Does each main page on the website have enough content?

·        Has the business overly targeted one phrase or word which may trigger a penalty (Google Panda?)

·        Are there meta titles, meta descriptions, alt tags, anchor text, internal links on each page?

Do all the main services that the business offers all have separate pages?

·        Has the url extensions been optimised?

·        Has the website got a blog?

·        How good are the blog posts?

·        How fast does the website load?

·        How does the website work on the mobile version of the website?

·        Have the businesses invested in AMP?

·        Does the website have links to social media accounts such as Facebook?

Link Building

Often a business will need to start building backlinks, however your business should only build good quality backlinks that are relevant to the business.

So many businesses have received a link penalty (Google Penguin Penalty) because the businesses backlinks were low-quality.

This is why when we build backlinks, we only ever build our backlinks in a white hat way.


Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics and Google Search Console to monitor SEO performance. We also use a number of other market leading SEO tools as well.



So many seo companies send out seo reports which are simply full of marketing jargon. That’s to say sometimes it can be difficult for the business owner to make sense of whether or not the SEO is actually improving or not.

However, we make our reports easy to understand, that’s because we don’t use marketing jargon just for the sake of it.  

So, our SEO reports will normally include the following information each and every month:

·        Number of organic visitors

·        Bounce rate

·        Highest ranking keywords

·        Number of backlinks

And we also monitor many other seo metrics as well.

Is SEO a quick process?

No, in a nutshell organic seo is not often not a quick process. It all boils down to this, that is if your business faces strong competition, so this means that some of your competitors may well be investing heavily in seo, well it will take longer for your business to see results.

The reason for this is for your business to be ranked higher than a competitor’s business, your website must have better seo.

Now if a competitor has been investing in seo for say the last 4 years, well, there will be much catching up for your business to do, that’s if your business has never invested in seo before now.

So, this means that your rivals will set the benchmark that has to be exceeded, that’s if your business is to rank higher.

Now sure, there will be some businesses that will see much quicker results than others, that’s because they may face lower competition.

So, for example, we would expect it to be fairly easy to get a locksmith onto the first page of Google, yet it would normally be much harder to get say a divorce solicitor onto the first page.

That’s because normally solicitors in general normally spend a lot more money on seo, so therefore the standard of seo will need to be higher.

Which SEO services can you offer?

We can offer organic and local SEO.

Can we help?

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