How often should I be writing Blog Posts or News Articles for my Website?

It is a fine balancing act to know how often to update your website or blog and news section without over burdening your company resources.

Some people think that updating your blog section on your website on a daily basis is much better than adding a quality article, say once a week for example. We couldn’t disagree more with this idea!

We think it is very important to add work and content to your website that is unique, and offers insight into what your business is about.

This work should therefore be carefully written and will take time to produce.

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We think it is much better to write a quality article that is unique and offers an excellent user experience- as opposed to adding generic content on a daily basis, with any old rubbish written!

We think by adding content on a daily basis, you’re putting your business on a treadmill that many small businesses can’t keep up with over the long term.

So don’t compete with rubbish, add really valuable, resources or guides, and give away free information, this will attract an interested target audience, this is all good for SEO!

Of course it depends on your businesses resources, in terms of how often you can update your websites blog section or news articles for example.

But you should really think of any free time you have, and make a date each week to update your sites blog or news section.

The more high-quality work the better, after all your competition will be doing it so it is a battle for who can offer the best user experience, and in today’s SEO age that’s through Content Marketing.

This article has been designed for small businesses in mind, so we would therefore say it is more important to write a quality article say once a week, if you have a small amount of resources rather than task somebody with updating it on a daily basis.

And a top tip, don’t let someone go too much off topic, write about your business, whats happening in your business, or changes that are impacting your business directly.

In our view, off topic content marketing is a waste of time, yet of course to every rule in SEO there are exceptions, that can instead make an idea work to their companies advantage.

“With that said the more quality articles that you can get on your website the better”

Although quality articles take a long time to research and put together, and may therefore be deemed impractical for some small businesses.

So our advice is if you haven’t got much time, then make a date every now and then and write a really good solid piece of content marketing, and make it long in length.

Once you start to see the power of content marketing you will want to do more, but start with this approach to see if it works for your business.

Is it important to write only about a narrow area, that relates only to my business?

No, you haven’t got to restrict your blog or news section of your website, to a narrow area of what to write about, in terms of your business or industry.

The fact is anything that you feel impacts or impinges on your business and that will interest your target audience will make good content marketing, if you put the time into generating high-quality content that is.

As earlier mentioned do try and tie it in closely with your business, as if you are talking about news events generally, well every one else is too, so its very unlikely to stand out!

You can therefore write about industry news or occurrences within your company, and write these in a way which are likely to engage your target audience.

A top tip is pull knowledge off your staff, and get them to have input as their knowledge could mean a winning piece of content marketing! Think guides, think how to help people in relation to your business area. So if you are a plumber, write a few guides, this information will be of use to a lot people, you may get back links for your effort.

So call Dave over from accounts if he knows about the business for the last 20 years, and put together a company history blog post for example, cheap but if done right effective online marketing!

Giving away free information, may seem like this may not help your business, but if people like the work and link to you or mention you, then this can help your web presence.

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 I am hearing I should be updating my site every day is this true?

By updating your blog section once a day, and only spending around say 1 hour on a blog post, it is very unlikely this will offer good quality content or a user experience for that matter.

You should therefore instead take the time to talk to people within your company, or your target audience and write about industry news or company occurrences which offer a unique insight into what your business is all about through its views.

You therefore need to write high-quality content, which illustrates and defines what your business is all about, in terms of its vision and what it can offer your target audience.

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